3 Quick, Easy & Inexpensive Ways to Update Any Space

Believe it or not, if you want to facilitate change without doing a whole make-over to your space, there are very easy ways to accomplish this. A few small changes can go a long way and increase traffic flow & engagement with customers and employee's and possibly have a positive effect on your bottom line.

1. Paint or Wallpaper - It's amazing what a coat of paint can do. Paint is relatively inexpensive too. Whether its just a feature wall, mouldings or your whole establishment, changing the color can illicit a new mood. Did you know that Blue is primarily used in Spas because it is related to relaxation?

Additionally, Wallpaper can be very artistic in nature and add texture or interest to an otherwise plain wall. Whether its a whole wall, part of a wall or an entire room, wallpaper, depending on the pattern, can serve as art and anchor a space.

Research colors and textures related to the ambiance you want to create, execute those changes, and see what happens! 

2. Re-arrange - Have you ever rearranged a room in your home and automatically felt lighter like things were fresh and new? Well the same can be applied to your business. By simply changing the configuration of furniture or fixtures, you can interrupt traffic flow. Re-arranging, keeps both employee's & customers more alert and engaged of their surroundings and exudes a feeling of newness. Often times, when re-arrange or re-configure, observers see and admire merchandise or art that they never noticed before.

3. Re-organize - Re-organization can mean a lot of things and include front of house as well as back. Whether it's filing, re-merchandising a space or changing where things are placed. In retail, merchandise is constantly reconfigured and reworked to increase sales and affect business. This same idea can be applied to anything else in your business space, rearranging liquor bottles on shelves in your bar or restaurant, or anything back of house makes things more accessible for your staff. 

Small changes can go a long way. But if your in need of a bigger change redecorating or redesigning may be what you need to give your business that much needed update and push to increase sales and engagement with your customers. 

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